Pearl Millet - Roguing

All varieties in cross pollinated crops produce a proportion of weak and undesirable plants in each generation. The aim of roguing (removal of weak, diseased or non-normal plants) is to reduce the incidence of poor plants and also detect and remove off-type plants which have resulted from outcrossing. The amount of roguing necessary varies with the stage of multiplication. Intense roguing should be done in the breeder's plots (which are relatively small in size and can be fully surveyed everyday during flowering). Three or four roguings should be done on basic seed plots but very little roguing (apart from removing diseased plants) is practical in certified seed plots.

Time of Roguing

Before flowering
The first roguing in a seed production plot should be done at knee high stage. Prematurely tall and thin plants, and any very small and diseased plants in the field should be removed. Such plants can be observed from a distance so close inspection at this stage is not necessary.

During flowering
This is the most critical stage of roguing and the major part of the rouging operation has to be at the flowering stage. For breeder's plot, row wise inspection should be conducted daily commencing at booting till the end of flowering to remove all plants suspected of being not true to type before they shed pollen. The head characters in particular and plant type in general should be used to identify off-types.

Before harvesting
Careful roguing done at flowering stage will reduce the number of off-types appearing at maturity. Even so plants whose heads or grains appear abnormal should be removed.

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