Wheat - Planting

Irrigated wheat and barley are planted in the cool dry season. Most varieties are best planted from mid April to early June. However, depending on the agro-ecological zone, planting should be timed in such a way that tillering coincides with the coolest period. Further, in areas prone to frost, planting dates should be chosen to avoid flowering coinciding with the period when danger of frost is greatest. The optimum planting period on the plateau is the first three weeks of May, whereas at lower lying altitudes, April planting is preferable.

Rainfed wheat is currently best suited to Region III and the northern half of Region II. Better quality rainfed wheat seed is best produced under gation during the cool dry season. This is so due to the lower disease incidence and adequate moisture during the grain filling period. Planting should be timed as for irrigated wheat. Satisfactory good quality seed has been produced under rainfed conditions. The most optimum planting period being mid December to early January for Region II and mid to late January for Region III. In any given region later planted crops have lower disease incidence. However, planting should be well timed to ensure that grain filling period is not forced far beyond the rainfall period.

Wheat and barley should be drilled in rows approximately 20 cm apart and 2-4 cm deep, in a firm fine seed bed to ensure good germination, emergence and an even stand. A seed rate of 90-1 OOkg/ha is recommended for irrigated wheat and barley. A higher seed rate of 100-120kg/ha is recom mended for rainfed wheat.

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